Dear Ivy,
I’ve lived with my fiancé for about two years now and we’re planning to get married next year. We get along great most of the time, however cleaning has always been a big source of arguments for us and now it's just getting ridiculous. I’m not by any means a neat freak. I don’t demand constant cleaning, or even every day – just once a week – because we’re both very busy with our jobs and enjoy our personal hobbies. So, about once a week we try to spend what usually ends up being an average of two hours cleaning together. But this process usually turns into an argument because he half-ass cleans something or goes painfully slow or gets 'distracted' and starts playing with whatever he finds while he's supposed to be cleaning. I feel like his mom because I constantly have to remind him to do his share! Will he ever change?

Wait until his mother finds out what you’ve been putting him up to. No - but seriously, make sure she never knows. Let me tell you a little bit about our pampered men. No matter how many errands there are at home, such menial tasks are not for a man.

That’s right, I know grown men who still live with their families and would never be caught dead doing their beds or washing their dishes. And they’re not to blame; their mamas wouldn’t have it any other way. So if you’re expecting him to suddenly accept this new activity you’ve signed him up for just like that then you’re wrong.

Just like you described it, it’s going to be a very painful and slow process. When all else fails and it probably will, hire a cleaning company

Dear Ivy,
We’ve been going out for a little over a year. Last week I overheard my girlfriend talking to her friend on the phone about how she didn't like our photos together and was embarrassed because of the height difference. I am 5’9 and she is 6’2. It really hurt to hear that somebody that you love is ashamed to be seen with you. How do I get over what she said? Or should I even get over it? Should I just move on?

Oh don’t be such a drama queen, she is not ashamed of being with you, she’s just expressing her inner deepest insecurity to her friend on the phone. You should not have been eavesdropping. Let me tell you, tall girls don’t have it easy. Especially when people here always make such a big deal about a girl being lengthier than the average height.

Your girl will just have to adjust to the difference by finding the right pose and angle that flatters the both of you in photos. My advice to you is to avoid pictures where you are both standing side by side and she’ll probably have to cut down on the heels.
Some of the hottest men in the world end up with much taller supermodels.

You should both be flattered. Full stop.

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Dear Ivy:  Why Won't My Fiance Help Clean Up?


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