Lebanon Going Green is an environmental organization that seeks to preserve the Lebanese environment by getting the Lebanese population to adopt a "green" lifestyle.

It's a non-profit non-governmental organization under-construction that was founded in Lebanon in the fall of 2012. It has many goals; on the long-term, it seeks to get Lebanon to go green.

More specifically, it aims to work with schools, organizations and companies and encourage them to adopt recycling as a part of their daily routine (as a first step). Since it sees the conservation of the environment as a high priority, it seeks to take the appropriate measures to permit it; these measures include (but are not limited to) recycling and pollution control.

It promotes the making of an eco-friendly energy sector and supports the initiatives that seek to achieve this goal. It encourages the people to adopt a "green" lifestyle through various awareness campaigns and activities.

Lebanon Going Green

Addresses and Contacts

  • Mob.: +96176899852



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