Whoever posted these multicolored signs..... thank you.

Found at Corniche el Nahr next to Souk el A7ad, the red, blue and green signs explicitly state that no horns are allowed, providing local pedestrians with much needed relief from the intermittent blaring of cars.

I mean we can all admit to swearing under our breath at that one guy who seems to have his hand glued to his steering wheel, forever honking at traffic that won't move anyways. Or that other guy who's yapping away on a cell phone, makes a stupid move that's his fault, and honks just because he can. Or the chick who thinks horns are a replacement for good driving skills. Or like, any busy street from here to Baalbek.

To the peace bringers of Corniche el Nahr, all I ask is that you please try and implement these signs on Hamra and Bliss street. Or else I might go deaf.

No Horns Allowed

(Photo via @BachirAsmar)



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