Starring Farrouj Afande, Come to Mama, Ana Al, Dr Greenthumb, Le Ski'zo, a whole bunch of other random people--including the infamous Myriam Klink--Crepaway's ad is exactly what it repeats for four minutes: all good.

With horse masks, attractive ladies, football mentions, and Myriam Klink's beloved 3ntar, the advertisement features the most notable internet trends of the year, as suggested by Crepaway's loyal customers (many of whom actually take part in the video).

A brilliant song composed and performed by Wassim Bou Malham is what really sets the mood of the video; what starts off as a blues-y acoustic vibe transforms into upbeat party tunes, just in time for Myriam Klink's cameo.

But really, the indisputable star of the video is not the bikini-clad model, "Klink Eastwood" or Le Ski'zo; it's the goddamn burgerman. Wearing a gigantic burger mask that shakes up and down almost contagiously, Crepaway's video is brilliant purely because of him.

I swear I'd go to Crepaway just to sit next to burgerman. And admit it.... so would you.


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