After months of planning and voting and promotion to-the-max, The Social Media Awards Beirut is winding it down by playing it up; and you can be sure it'll all end with a bang.

With an elite invitation-only afterparty already in the works, a lucky few will have the chance to dance to their heart's content on April 29, celebrating the end of the awards that have taken Beirut by storm.

So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present the five best things you can expect at the RAGMAG afterparty. Besides, of course, awesomeness.

1. An All Out Nerdfest

Seriously though. You'll be partying with business moguls and social media experts who's main passion is blogging, tweeting, and hitting up the masses via the internets.
Expected IQ: Well above average.

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2. Smoking Hot Photos

Courtesy of, you can be sure that your glammed up outfit will not be going to waste. Doing what social media does best, the evening shall be documented with hundreds of photos, with Beirutnightlife making sure that it'll hit the interwebs in style--pun intended.

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3. Rodge In The Mix of Mix FM is DJing

Mix FM's own DJ will be at this shindig. That's how you know the music will be legit. So get your dancing shoes ready min hala2, cause you've really got no excuse not to move.

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4. It's At Momo at the Souks

If you've never been to Momo at the Souks then you are most assuredly missing out on one of downtown's nicest destinations. With a brilliant--and decidedly classy--decor, uniquely delicious cuisine and an atmosphere that basically exudes relaxation, you'll have no trouble winding down at Momo's.

5. Free-flowing Drinks

And finally, what we've all been waiting for: the drinks. Revel with me for a moment in the sheer awesomeness of free-flowing Chopin Vodka, Label 5 Scotch Whisky and Pommery Champagne and tell me you're not excited for the afterparty. I dare you.

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So if you still haven't bought your tickets, don't worry! You've still got till April 29 to buy them. Find out more information about the how's and how much's here.

Five Awesome Things to Expect at RAGMAG's SMA Afterparty

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