Note to our readers: The following post is a response to a previous blog post written by blogger and lifestyle reporter, Lojine Kamel.

Poly, a 20-year-old Mexican/Lebanese performer was recently bashed over her newest YouTube video, in which she covers Rihanna's hit song, "Stay".

In my opinion, this video represents full rawness, nothing but vocals, and incredible piano music with additional back-up vocals sang by Poly, as well.

For those of you who don't know, Poly also directed the video.

The singer appears swimming in a pool, with no sexual hints or messages intended on any level. I don't understand Lojine's point about her eyelashes either, they're part of the make-up. But then again, if it was a big international name starring in the video, the writer would've probably mentioned the beautifully-made video, and how great the editing is. (Poly also edited the video).

The singer is NOT a Rihanna wannabe. And I don't see how you can swim with your clothes on.

Bashing exceptionally talented Lebanese performers for their creativity is not the answer.

Instead, try encouraging their perseverance here (even with haters), adopting their view and supporting them.

So, I'm inviting you to check out Poly's video once again and decide for yourself what you think:



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