In an act of total douchebaggery (yes, that is a word), The Daily Star reports that Akkar MP Mouin Merhebi fired shots in the air because he was upset that a checkpoint on Minyeh-Akkar road near al-Mhamra concerning building violations was slowing down traffic.

Acting every inch the entitled politician, Merhebi ignored a policeman's explanation as to why the checkpoints were instated, instead grabbing a Kalashnikov from his car.
(Because of course, why wouldn't he have a submachine gun on the ready?)

Merhebi went a step further and tried to remove the checkpoint himself, during which the driver of a military vehicle objected. The Daily Star reports that no one was hurt in the argument, though a regarding investigation is now underway.

So join me, if you will, in a resounding chorus of a decidedly disgusted "Only in Lebanon."
Because politicians.

MP Fires Off Gun at Checkpoint

(Photo via The Daily Star)



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