And another one gone, and another one gone... Another one bites the dust

An unmistakable building on the corner of a Clemenceau street speaks volumes about the often unspoken Lebanese Civil War. Tattered shutters and bullet holes line its walls... walls so old that they carry rusted balcony fences bleached a greenish-red in the sun.

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You've seen the building before. You've probably seen it a lot. You might even pass by it daily.

But as of Friday, it is no more. The beautiful, hauntingly decrepit building seeping with memories and history has been torn down. Once a landmark of Clemenceau, it now lies in rubble; in heaps of stones and ruin.

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And the worst part is, it's probably going to turn into another of the dozens of unnecessary commercial centers in Lebanon. Reaping monetary value from the valueless; such is our ever-repeating architectural fate.

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