Captured on video bruised and humiliated, The Daily Star reports that Syrian national Yasser Mustapha Bazzazi was assaulted on Monday, much to the fury of social media outlets everywhere.

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Covered in scrawled writing saying "shabbih" and “Nouseiri shabbih,” Bazzazi was dragged 3 kilometers through the streets of Tripoli by a hoard of angry Lebanese by a rope tied around his neck.

The incident began when a local man "Bairuti" asked to see Bazzazi's papers, and assaulted him when he saw his Syrian military document. Bairuti, gathering a crowd around him, then accused Bazzazi of being a spy and proceeded to beat him in public.

This occurred only a day after a peace rally in Tripoli.


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disgusting, ashamed of being Lebanese after watching this!

Khalily Khouri on Apr 25, 2013 via web