The Samir Kassir Foundation is a non-profit civic organization, working within the civil society and cultural circles to spread the democratic culture in Lebanon and the Arab world. It encourages the new talents of free press and builds the movement for a cultural, democratic, and secular renewal. These are the conditions they believe are necessary to lift the Arab populations out of their current state of despair.

The Samir Kassir Foundation’s mission is built around three pillars:

-The first pillar: preserving, translating, and spreading Samir Kassir’s literary, academic, and journalistic heritage.
-The second pillar: promoting cultural freedom and free thought, through conferences, specialized seminars, and an annual art festival providing all social categories with access to international cultural expression.
-The third pillar: defending press freedom, through monitoring and documenting violations perpetrated

Samir Kassir Foundation

Addresses and Contacts

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    Sioufi, 63 Zahrani Street, Aref Saghieh Building, Ground Floor Achrafieh Tel.: +9611397331
    Tel.: +9611397334
    Mob.: +9613372717


Past Events

The Beirut Spring Festival 2015 Festival (Cultural)
'Cultural Diplomacy' at The... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion)
'Defending Press Freedom Today' ... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
The Beirut Spring Festival 2014 Festival (Music, Dance, Theatre, Cultural)


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