Claiming to own Dekweneh is one thing. Shutting down a business in the name of everyone else is another. And forcing people to strip naked to determine their sexuality? That's just plain unethical.

Raising eyebrows of conservatives and liberals everywhere, a video of Dekweneh's Mayor explaining just why he felt he had the right to close gay club Ghost went viral yesterday.

Brazen, rude, and downright homophobic, the mayor used derogatory language befitting of street urchins to refer to the individuals at Ghost, dubbing them “liwat” and “noss rejel”.

Gino's Blog takes the initiative to highlight some of the most controversial aspects of the video (though really it's all controversial), and even translates some of it into English.

Still, for an elected official to display such unabashed intolerance to the LGBTQ population is unacceptable, degrading, and absolutely humiliating to the people involved. And for him to have some semblance of authority is just plain embarrassing.

If you're aganist such blatant intolerance, raise your voice with like-minded individuals in an event happening this afternoon. Because nobody--regardless of their race, religion, or sexuality-- deserves this kind of treatment.


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