Want to feel edgy without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe? Then meet Helen, an online design boutique that offers high-end necklaces, bracelets and earrings to make any outfit radiate sass.

Bringing you a style that a 19th century Cleopatra might rock, Helen's jewelery is anything but common. With a Spine Necklace that'll have your back looking just as good as your front, ostentatious bracelets that scream 'Greek goddess', and eye-catching green-gold earrings, their designs are definitely not one for the meek-at-heart.

So get your bold face on and grab your credit cards. Because Helen totally delivers.

1. Spine Necklace

2. Delicate Wing Bracelet

3. Gold plated Rose & Thorn Ear Cuff and Earring with Emerald Green Zircon

4. Gold & Rhodium Plated Infinity Bracelet and Gold & Rhodium Plated Thorns Bracelet.

5. Inner and Outer Yellow & Pink Gold Plated and Rhodium Plated Ribbon Bracelets.

Our Top Five Favorite Helen Designs

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