Meet the man who was so sexy, he got kicked out of a Saudi Festival.

It is without further ado that I present you the one and only Dubai-based Adonis, fashion photographer, poet, and model Omar Borkan Al Gala.

Now, we don't really know much about him, but from what I can tell, it seems that Al Gala seems like a pretty ordinary Arab dude. I mean just look at what his day consists of!

He nonchalantly chills with falcons:

He stoically poses while drinking coffee in the rain:

Sometimes he wears hats:

He texts while driving (we all have our faults):

So really, he's just like the rest of us--except with a perfectly chiseled jaw and a pet falcon. And in case you haven't been flustered enough (I'll admit, he's totally not my type), here's a full set of Mr. Sexy's photos at your disposal. Oh, and just because I can, a shirtless picture just for you. *wink*

Have fun ladies!

The Man Who Was Too Handsome for Saudi

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