Listed by the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Information Technology Report, Lebanon has been ranked globally as the fifth best country for math and science education, and as the tenth best overall for quality of education.

Because the report makes no mention of private versus public sector schooling, I think it's safe to assume that Lebanon's impressive ratings are results of private institutions, boasting power names like IC, ACS, Grand Lycee Franco Libanais, Saint Mary Orthodox College, and International School of Choueifat, among countless others.

Still, rounding off the top 5 in math and sciences is by far an impressive feat, especially considering the fact that Lebanon is the only underdeveloped country to make the list. Qatar, ranked in the top 10 both overall and for math and science, was the only other Arab country to make the list.

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As pointed out by guest writer and economics PhD student, Mohamad Alloush, on Beirut Spring, it looks like the aformentioned report is not at all reliable, as it basis its statistics off of self-reports rather than facts.

Several other reports have found contrary data, including an international quality of education test (TIMSS 2011), in which Alloush reports "students in Lebanon got an average score of 449 on math which is 51 points below average. In terms of ranking, we came in 25th place out of 43 participating countries."

Conclusion? Our education system is dismal, and our population likes to exaggerate. Solution? Actual education reforms. Projected completion? .... someday.

Lebanon's Education System Ranked Top 10 Globally

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