Anyone who's ever spent all of five minutes in Hamra can attest to the overwhelming amount of hipsters in Beirut.

With stores like House on Mars and Ants frequenting the area, the fashion-sensitive Lebanese (and more often than not, non-Lebanese) have plenty of options to decorate their closets, wrists, ears, and hair.

Running rampant with dreadlocks, fake glasses, bow ties, suspenders and more bracelets than anyone should ever own, Beirut is home to several breeds of the "you-probably-haven't-heard-of-this" elite. Flocking to underground #cafes to write #blogposts about how they heard a #bomb go off and are fluent in #Arabic (because they can order mana2eesh), hipsters are a dime a dozen--but it takes remarkable eccentricity to make it to BuzzFeed's list of the top 10 hipsters in the whole world.

So meet Jorgen Ekvoli, the man who wore a floral jumpsuit in public. Spotted in Beirut in his bright pink regalia, Ekvoli was right at home with the masses of "fashion forward" risk takers that make up the really bored upper class of Beirut. And note, if you will, the unnecessary green beanie and self-rolled cigarettes.

I just wonder what poor throw-up couch he skinned to create this heinous and probably disgustingly expensive monstrosity.

World's Top Hipster Spotted in Beirut

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Lol...seriously Lojine? How about some actual research and knowledge before posting an article...Thousands of people would love your job and would work their asses off for it... you can do better than this...I believe in you...

Elissa Ayoub on Jul 31, 2013 via web
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Confuse not between the hipster and the unusual darling. It is very tempting to use the Americanised fashion of criticising 'The Other' in the interest of condemning one's lifestyle because it is unfamiliar with yours in the interest to gain a bit of self-righteousness . Might I suggest you loosen up a bit and take a trip around Europe, perhaps you'll find to be contradicting yourself with the use of the term 'hipster'.

Samer Maroun Matta on Jun 6, 2013 via web