Ah, the beauty of Arab cuisine.

Known all over the world for its harmony of spice and flavor, Arabic food is an art, skill, lifestyle and culture. In fact, you cannot expect to marry (theoretically) without knowing how to cook your basic loubyeh, kebbeh, or mloukhiyeh.

Here to help you be that sit el'beit you've always wanted to be (theoretically) is a new video by wezank that teaches you all the basics of cooking mloukhiyeh. Done as an animation, the video takes less than two minutes of your time, and does a rather good job of conveying what I once thought was a complicated dish.

If you can get over how creepy the voice actor sounds, you'll be able to learn to cook a traditional dish in no time, impress your family and friends, and finally have a marriageable skill of sorts. Your mama will be so proud.



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