And the award for absolute worst father of the year goes to this guy.

In a video done by Al Mayadeen, a reporter interviews a Syrian father and daughter about the latter's repeating Mut3ah marriages. For those that don't know, a Mut3ah union is basically 'halal' prostitution--in that a temporary marriage contract (often of one or two nights) allows Muslims to have sex without technically being outside of wedlock. The practice is frowned upon by the vast majority of Islamic religious leaders.

Claiming desperation--though he mentions nothing about working himself--the father explains that he sells his daughters to "shieks" saying that he needed the money for his family.

Nearly half a million Syrian refugees are currently living in Lebanon, and the number is expected to grow in the summer. Though many of them have found menial jobs, we've often heard heartbreaking stories of families that have lost everything, and have no other choice but to beg.

Still, all the destitution in the world could never explain why a father would ever do this to his daughter. There's beggars. There are thieves. And then there is scum.


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