Need to catch a bite in the Gemmayzeh area? Feel like having a romantic date? Want a cozy place to chill with your friends?

Welcome to Paname Bistro, home of the aristocratically casual. Though that might sound like an oxymoron, one trip to the chill French restaurant will be sure to change your mind. Appealing to people of all ages with it's affordable menu, authentic European vibes, and chill atmosphere, Paname Bistro can fulfill all of your dining out needs, be it nonchalant or formal. had the chance to sit down with owner Joseph Choueiri, who explained all the assests that make Paname Bistro unique. He started by explaining that the concept of a bistro isn't exactly what we all probably had in mind. "It's a casual place that's very affordable and gives you great value for the food and atmosphere," he conveyed.

"In Lebanon people open a 5-star restaurant and call it a bistro, yet charge very high prices. But in Europe and France it's a very casual affair, as well as being affordable and reasonable," remarked Choueiri.

"I'm trying to change that in Lebanon."

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