First off, if you haven't visited this Hamra gem yet, then you're seriously missing out. Bedivere is all about good times, good music (mostly from the past five decades) and good food. Want to know more? Check our our top five favorite things about Bedivere:

1. It's a Real Neighborhood Bar

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Bedivere is that kind of bar. And as opposed to most of the other establishments in Beirut, this place was built around the idea that anyone can just drop by and hang out. No dress code. No reservations. Just come as you are, and feel like you're at home.

2. It Has a Mobile Phone Discount

Pro-tip fools: before the Internet, if you went out with people, you did so in order to socialize and genuinely enjoy the experience of interacting with friends and strangers alike. With that in mind, hand your phone over to the bartender at Bedivere and you'll automatically receive a 10 percent discount on your bill. If you don’t want to have fun and hang out with cool people, then don’t go to Bedivere. It’s that simple.

3. This Drink: A Knight To Remember

If you guess the ingredients of this special mixed drink, you get your name engraved on one of their cool medieval cups. I tried, unsuccessfully, for three hours to achieve this. And I'm totally going back every night until I get it right.

4. The T-Bone Steak

As a self-dubbed expert on all things meat-related, I can say with no doubt whatsoever that Bedivere's T-Bone steak is amazing. Did you read that? I said AMAZING, peeps. It's 9500 grams of US Prime beef charbroiled to perfection. The meal was so beautiful that I'm actually thinking about framing this picture and hanging it on my wall just so I can be reminded every day of how delicious it was. Bottom line: If you like meat, then get on this.

5. The Owner, Jihad

Do yourself a favor: go to Bedivere, and introduce yourself to the owner, Jihad Zein. Clad in a black, leather jacket and equipped with an impossibly cool attitude, Jihad approaches his business with a passion that few others can claim. "I like the concept of coming together with friends, food, good music and a comfortable atmosphere," he told"You should do what you really love in life, and that’s what I’m doing...You spend most of your life working. So if you are not happy with your work, then you won’t be happy with life. "

Why the name? "Because it represents courage, nobility and courtly love," says Zein, adding, "I love that era."

Thanks to Bedivere, so do we. So do we.

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