After hosting the after party of the year for the Social Media Awards--and now winning two gold medals at Horeca 2013, it looks like Momo at the Souks is having a stellar month.

With Chefs Hassan Ckoudra, Elia Bassil and Fadi Saba representing the downtown-based restaurant/club, Momo took down the competition, ranking first in both "Live Sea Food" and "Live Pastry" divisions. Their winning creations were a sea bass platter and "choc-passion", with all three chefs taking away valuable prizes.

And just when you thought the food at Momo couldn't get any better, their pastry and head chefs will each be receiving expert training in their areas as part of their prize, with the former at l'Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet, and the latter, the renowned Cordon Bleu Paris.

So if you've yet to try Momo's delicious cuisine, take this as your golden opportunity to dine in award-winning style. And try the sea bass.

Momo at the Souks Wins Gold at Horeca 2013


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