Sareen Akharjalian is known for her infamous blog, Ink On The Side which combines witty dialogue and eye-catching artistry into a social commentary on all things Lebanese.

Though this particular comic is from her older stock, it could never be more relevant to current trends. In the comic below Sareen targets the oh-so-common Lebanese beach-goer. By stating the typical physical description of a good 95% of her demographic, she makes mockery of Lebanon's fascination with all things shallow. On the coast, no woman goes to have fun. Instead, it's a parade of "who's-bikini-is-cuter" and "my-tan-is-better-than-yours" and "ugh-is-that-cellulite?" Men of course, are no better, as they are forever comparing bicep and pec size while simultaneously checking out all the blondes within proximity.

Be it make-up, plastic surgery, or steroids, if they've got it, you can be assured they'll hella flaunt it. Especially on the beach.

How the Lebanese Beach

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