Can I get a hallelujah?

It's about damn time. Reported by A Separate State of Mind, Joe Maalouf's highly controversial and sometimes unethical show, "Enta Horr" has finally been canceled.

Known best for his unwarranted and highly degrading raid of a Lebanese cinema and the subsequent forced "anal tests" of several gay men, Maalouf has been subject of many controversies in the past—often due to his stubborn inability to refrain from neutrality. Though many of his segments have been hard-hitting criticisms of the faults of Lebanese society or politics (which I commend), others have been unabashedly intrusive, and often showcase Maalouf's own conservative beliefs.

According to A Separate State of Mind, the main reason for the shows cancellation was due to Maalouf's opinion on the recent Dekweneh circumstances, which hasn't been revealed publicly. Yet regardless of MTV's reasoning, I think we can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing that TV just got a little bit classier.

And we're talking about MTV, which is really saying something.

MTV Finally Cancels Joe Maalouf’s “Enta Horr”


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