Comeon Jezebel, you're better than that!

In a shockingly low-grade "article" about women wearing bumps underneath their scarfs, Jezebel single-handedly demeans the entire hijabi population of Dubai.

Referring to the style as a "camel hump"—no racism, right?—Jezebel has the audacity to claim that Dubai women are getting their style from Jersey Shore, of all places. They go on dig a deeper grave with their evidently poor eyesight, writing "The video also features a hijab with spiked shoulder pads", though said spikes are part of a shirt. And hijabs are not shirts Jezebel.

But hey, if you like the style, then kudos to you! Here's a video adorable Australian hijabi who extols the "subtle yet sexy Alien Vs. Predator look" and gives you the low-down on how to do it yourself. And I have to admit—it's a pretty awesome look.

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