After the surprising news that Stephen Hawking is joining the academic boycott of Israel, people took to social media to show their support, surprise and dismay this week, stirring a global debate about the effectiveness and necessity of the boycott to begin with.

The Guardian, who reported the original story, is now hosting a poll asking the public if Hawking's decision is valid. It is worth noting that Hawking has been to Israel four times before in the past, and is quite knowledgeable in Israeli-Palestinian issues.

As of right now, 64% of polled individuals agree with Hawkings's boycott, and 36% disagree, though the poll will be closed in 14 hours. Regardless, the fact that the majority of readers of a predominately western and leading news website agree with an Israeli boycott is momentous.

Our opinions deserve to be shown by media too, so make sure to vote now and prove to the world once and for all that we do not and never will agree with Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

Share Your Opinion: Is Stephen Hawking Right to Boycott Israel?

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