Egyptian Salafists are well known for their often extremist beliefs, not barring of course their next target of choice: potential Iranian tourists.

Reported by Ahram Online, the Egyptian Salafist Nour Party recently raised concerns at the culture committee of Egypt's Shura Council, discussing if allowing Iranians to enter Egypt for tourist reasons would cause potential strife—namely due to their conservative Shia beliefs.

Tharwat Attallah, MP of said party, was quoted as saying "The Shias are more dangerous than naked [women]."

Others still were in consensus with Attallah, who called upon the current Egyptian regime—headed by President Morsi—to limit Egypt and Iran's questionable relationship.

Thankfully, not all present were in agreement, as MP Yehia Abo El-Hassan from the Islamist Al-Wasat remarked that "the countries that cut off relations with Iran are the US and Israel." He also brought to light the fact that tourists will only be visiting Egypt for a limited time.

This isn't the first time that concerns have been voiced over Shia doctorine in Egypt; the Salafist Call and the Nour Party discussed and condemned its spread in a conference this past April.

Egyptian Salafist Party: 'Shias More Dangerous Than Naked Women'

(Photo via Ahram Online)


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