Long story short, men apparently only think of reading shampoo bottles, pooping, and playing phone games.

Renowned funny man Nemr Abou Nassar surprisingly delivers with a video concept you've feel like you've seen a dozen times before. Generic, over-done, and a little disgusting, the idea behind the video isn't all that genius; anyone could've come up with it.

Yet Nemr one-ups what might have been a disaster with his superb comedic timing, hilarious facial expressions and surprisingly brilliant accent display. Seriously though, I'll be the first to admit I'm not his biggest fan, and I found this video absolutely sensational.

What starts off as a boring video swiftly flips to a comedic rendition of an ordinary activity on drugs—courtesy of Nemr's flawless video editing and spot on (okay maybe I'm lying) Australian impression.

But the real gold behind the 4 minutes of toilet timed tomfoolery is Nemr's memorable and quotable one-liners. Seriously, this one's going in my repertoire of quotes: "There's more to life than hair.... but it's a good place to start".




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