Yes, you read that correctly.

The epitome of beauty in this world can only be described as Ahmed Angel, the self-described "the best.number 1" student who can speak Arabic, English, Russian, French, and French. His masterful lingual skills aside, Ahmed Angel's flawless model poses is what caused BuzzFeed to label him as the Most Beautiful Man in the World—and for good reason.

His face is a face that should be shared with the world. But we can't promise you won't fall in love with him. He is an angel, after all.

So are you ready for your eyes to explode from brilliance?! Yeah you are.

Just look at that impeccable suit wearing, smack dab the middle of sewage. And he didn't even get it dirty!

His hair is sex. His eyes are sex. He knows he's sex. Work it

He's like the teletubby baby in the sky, except the androgynous adult version. Look at that mole man. Look at it!

Good Ahmed or Evil Ahmed? Why not both?

Meet Ahmed Angel, The Man Who IS Planet

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