If you've got any appreciation for music, you'll understand how priceless a brilliant instrument is.

Such is the case with AUB's vintage organ, an instrument that's no doubt seen decades of use and repair. Located in the ex-church that is now Assembly Hall, the organ usually is reserved for special performances, such as biannual AUB Choir and Choral Society concerts and the yearly Opening Ceremony.

Whatever the occasion, the organ carries with it great power. An instrument of centuries past, organs are often synonymous with religious zeal, as they are usually used in the Christian pieces of Bach and Mozart.

So next time you enter Assembly Hall, pause for a moment and appreciate the ancient organ that stands before you. Be it for religious worship, musical knowledge, or sheer antiquity, the organ represents much of what AUB itself stands for: passion, discipline, and overall appreciation.

AUB's Timeless Organ

(Photo via @instabrince)


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