Are you stressed and overwhelmed with life? Is the early summer heat starting to seem unbearable? Do you wish you could just sit back and relax for even a moment?

Well then, it looks like you need to visit OrsoBianco Gelateria, home of your new best friend: the ice cream swirl stick. Take a break from reality and indulge in a summer pleasure that will leave you feeling sweet and refreshed, and somewhat more tolerant to the mounting heat.

So reward yourself for finishing up high-school, rounding off your finals, or just celebrating a minor accomplishment. We all study and work and deal with families and boyfriends/girlfriends, so a hint of chocolate goodness is definitely a well-deserved mid-May treat.

Be it vanilla or chocolate, dawn or midnight or with friends or family, OrsoBianco's ice cream is waiting for you to enjoy. Stick it on your to-eat list, trust me.

OrsoBianco's Ice Cream Swirl Sticks

(Photo via @larzi)



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