There are no words to describe the grief and loss felt by the countless Syrian refugees that have fled their ruined homeland. Yet often times an image serves to describe what words cannot; thus creating artistic genius from depression.

This is the calling of the facebook group Syrian Revolution Arts, which provides dozens of artists with the chance to display their emotional pieces to the world. Though each work is moving in itself, I went ahead and chose five pieces that I thought were truly haunting.

It's a difficult thing to transcend the barriers between art and emotion. Yet one look at any of these paintings will take you on a roller coaster of feeling that will put you in the shoes of Syrians everywhere.

1. The Queen of Damascus by Sahir El Sibai

2. "كراكوز وعيواظ" by Wasam Al Jiza'eri

3. Sorrow of Freedom by Dilawar Amer

4. Damascus by Mo'wafak Kat

5. Generation by Sadki Al Imam

Five Powerful Images from Syrian Revolution Arts

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Thank you friends.

Suhair Sibai on Jun 1, 2013 via web
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Beautiful, powerful, expressive art.

Therese Rickman-Bull on Jun 1, 2013 via web