Before being ravaged by the Lebanese Civil War and countless outside bombings, Lebanon was—as stated by the Newsnight reporter in this video—"the riviera of the Middle East."

The video, posted on facebook Patrick Semaan and originally made by British Filmmaker Harold Baim, features snippets of day-to-day activities in 1960's Beirut and Israel.

Five minutes of footage shows images of marketplaces, beaches, the airport, and busy intersections that convey a sense of prosperity and peace—only to be destroyed a decade later. Still the sheer nostalgia offered by the video is enough to get you hoping again.

I highly recommend you take a mini-break and watch the clip; it's as enjoyable as it is historical, and will definitely bring out your appreciation of our beautiful country. From Harissa to Tyr to Jounieh, you'll get a feel of all the cities you know and love today—albeit from 40 years ago.

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