Popular Syrian actress May Skaf was detained by Security Forces on Thursday May 16, as reported by Naharnet.

Vocal about her opposition of Bashar's regime, Skaf's detention is speculated to have resulted from Bashar's desire to subdue prominent cultural and political icons. Skaf has been detained once before, in the summer of 2012, during which the actress participated in an "intellectual's demonstration" in Damascus.

(Photo via Naharnet.com)

Cultural and political figures aren't the only Syrian's pledged to rebel forces; many of Syria's young generation—including a good population of women—have been videotaped and photographed in action. Among them is this poignant photo of a beautiful young women in Aleppo, who sits armed with a gun for the rebel side; just one of the many faces of war.

(Photo via @DarthNader)

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