Überhaus fans, rejoice! Starting on June 22, you'll have a brand new club to hit up—except this time, it's all outside.

Called The Gärten, the new party spot is will open every Saturday night of the summer—amidst numerous international DJs and artists that Überhaus is famed for hosting. With room for up to 2,000 clubbers each night, the spin-off club sits near The Beirut Exhibition Center, and boasts an expansive array of greenery—including a garden space for exhibitions, a grass lawn, and the borders of a bamboo garden.

Beirut.com interviewed Überhaus Communication Director Tres Colacion via email, who provided insider info about what fans should expect in the coming month, the parent brand's relation with The Gärten, and details about the brand new venue.

"I think that everyone who has got the chance to grow with us at Überhaus is going to fall in love all over again with The Gärten," explained Colacion. "At the core we’ve still got the same great residents (Romax, Richard Kahwagi, Fat Dutch, Ronin & Nesta, Phil, CAB) and we’ve continued to book world class acts, but at the same time I think they’re going to see that we’ve taken it to the next level."

That "next level" involves an open-dome akin to famed international clubs—and featuring a brand new sound system. Remarking that ‘Audio Culture’ is the "defining principal" of Überhaus, Colacion explained they wanted to "replicate, as well as expand on, the same amenities that our clubbers are familiar with." So to fans, that means that The Gärten will be bigger and better than the Überhaus, yet will still feature all the things that made the club popular to begin with.

As for their future plans? "Grow, get bigger, get better," stated Colacion, and "bring more awesome music to this city and stay on par with the best clubs in the world.”

Überhaus Set to Open Pop-up Night Club: The Gärten

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