Acclaimed Israeli singer and judge on Israel's The Voice, Sarit Hadad, released on YouTube on May 11 her newest song titled, "Listen To My Friends."

If you're a fan of Syrian-Egyptian composer, singer and oud player Farid al-Atrash's music, you'll notice something's wrong right away:

That's right, Hadad has stolen the melody from Atrach's 1950 hit song, "Ya Awazel Falfelo", or "Be Jealous, Haters."

So it's safe to assume that Hadad didn't get permission to use Atrash's song, and just because she mentions his name in the YouTube credits (almost trying to give the impression that she somehow bought the rights to the song) remains absolutely reprehensible.

Sarit, by the way, has a history of taking Arabic music and using it for her own repertoire. Back in 2011, she was also accused of using the melody to Elissa’s “A Bali Habibi."

Hot Arabic Music reported that Hadad did not get permission, nor did she buy the rights to the music from Elissa or composer Salim Salemeh to use it for her own song, titled, "Starlight."

Being a proponent of the Mizrahi music genre (one that combines influences from Europe, the West, Middle East and North Africa as transported by migrating Jews to Israel, according to Wikipedia) is not an excuse for all-out stealing someone else's music.

I'm sure Oum Koulthoum, another victim of Hadad's rampant musical plagiarism, would agree:

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