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As a kind of runner, I'm immensely offended that the Beirut Marathon Association thinks that it's okay to motivate women to run their 10 KM Women’s Challenge based off compliments.

With posters that feature degrading pick-up lines, like "byelbaalik tirikdi", "awiyeh", and "he believes I can run", the Beirut Marathon Association empowers women by berating them with gender discrimination, telling them that they're attractive and tough while they run.

First of all, running is not meant to be attractive. It's meant for excercise, health, and overall weight loss. Case in point: I look like a drowned banshee when I run. Secondly, I don't friggin care if "he believes I can run".... I believe I can run, and that's all that matters. And thirdly, would the Beirut Marathon Association have made this campaign if it were reverse? "Men you're so hot when you run?"

So if it's not already obvious, I'm totally disappointed in whoever created this campaign. Health and self-respect should always take precedent over beauty, and should never be based off of his opinion of you. Ever.

Beirut Marathon Association Launches Sexist Campaign

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