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Famous for his soulful jazzed up tunes, "F*** You" and "Crazy", his teeny height (5'5), and his seat as one of the judges on The Voice, sunglasses-and-suit wearing CeeLo Green is a friggin' badass.

With a voice big enough to command a stage of thousands, CeeLo will be gracing us with his glorious presence on July 8, as part of the Byblos International Festival.

Easily the biggest name performing, CeeLo—otherwise known as Thomas DeCarlo Callaway (that's seriously his name)—will be hitting the stage with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Nightwish, Yanni, and more.

So get your tickets and start driving round town, cause if you can't appreciate CeeLo's genius, well then (cue powerful black singing voice*) F*** you-ooo-oooh.

CeeLo Green is Coming to the Byblos International Festival

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