Ziad Nawfal started mixing music in Beirut’s government radio station, Radio Liban, in 1992. Early on, his eclectic music programming took in such different genres as indie rock, alternative pop, 60’s and 70’s psychedelia, dance music and electronica, with little care for political correctness or ‘proper’ merging of styles. Nawfal’s thirst for sharing musical oddities and discoveries saw him branch out from the confines of radio waves, and he started deejaying in the late 1990’s in local Beiruti bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as private parties and large-scale musical events.

In addition to his regular duties as DJ and radio host, Nawfal worked for a number of years in Beirut’s top-notch alternative record store, La CD-Thèque, and its sister label Incognito. Nawfal’s post as music buyer allowed him to introduce the Lebanese public to a constellation of underground, revered leftfield artists, and to come in contact with various musicians from Beirut’s alternative music scene.

In 2006, Nawfal started flirting with music production and management, producing albums for Lebanese rock trio Scrambled Eggs and electronica outfit, Munma, as well as concerts for both bands, locally and abroad. Between 2007 and 2010, Nawfal produced three more albums for Munma.

In 2008, Nawfal started hosting live shows on Radio Liban, which featured interviews and live performances by local Lebanese bands and performers, encompassing such various genres as folk, rock, electronic, noise, and freeform experimentation. These “Ruptured” sessions were subsequently edited and compile

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