You've got a pet cheetah in your car, and a pet giraffe in your garden.
A day's worth of jewelry costs' more than the average person's yearly salary.
You own 99+ pairs of tacky shoes, each of which costs upwards of $300.
You have a watch for every day of the week.
Your car amounts to the same as the GDP of a small third world country.
Copious bottles of 3oud, missik and/or 3mbar make up your weekly perfume routine.
You are an oil lord.
One of your thrice removed relatives is royalty.
Your full time is job is to lounge in the mall, looking rich and drinking coffee.
You've got a family of 4, and 5 maids to take care of everything.
Abayah's aren't abayah's unless they're studded with diamonds and silk.
You have three houses, two of which are vacation homes in Europe.
You drink cologne and believe its alcohol.

Money is never a setback.

You Know You're From Saudi When...

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