Since 1971, horse enthusiasts have been heading over to the Dbayeh Country Club to delight in equestrian sports. If you're not a professional horseback rider, there's nothing to fear, because trainers will be on hand to help you and your horse make the most of your limited time together.

In a controlled environment in an outdoor pen, you'll learn the ABCs of riding the saddle while having a good time out in the open. Don't miss your chance to bond with one of nature's most agreeable animals, and one that's been a competitor with dogs for the term "man's best friend". So get ready to literally horse around when you head over to Dbayeh Country Club and ride your way into a trip with nature.

Dbayeh Country Club

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    Zouk El Kharab, Near Tiro Dbayeh Mob.: +96170288100
    Mob.: +9613938100


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