It’s insanely refreshing to see a man become essentially bat sh*t crazy during a television news report about ongoing violence in Tripoli, repeatedly swear and curse about it, and not have those vulgarities censored. If anything, it really speaks to the fact that people are freaking the f*ck out in Lebanon’s northern port city.

“Politicians can eat my shit” and “damn their fathers.” That’s what a Lebanese cab driver told LBCI news on Tuesday when asked about the escalating situation.

In LBC’s report, the man identifies himself as “Abou El Ghadab,” which means, “Father of Anger” and goes on to describe what he’s seeing in Tripoli. “Kids are dead in the streets,” he says, adding, “where are the politicians, where are the deputies, where are the people?”

“Politicians can eat my shit. I dare them, God damn their fathers,” he concludes.

Abu Anger's growing fanbase created the facebook page "Abu El Ghadab Represents Me" to show their resentment at the current situation in Tripoli.

The Daily Star newspaper reports that 10 people, including two soldiers, have been killed and more than 70 wounded since violence broke out on Sunday after Assad regime forces launched a military offensive on the Syrian town of Qusayr near the Lebanese border.

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