In show of typical Lebanese arrogance, students were caught on video after a fight interrupted the yearly cultural festival that takes place on the Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) stairs. The fight reportedly began when a couple students began hanging posters of a political party.

Met with obvious hostility due to their brazen political preference, the students were assaulted and pushed around, and one even ended up falling in the neighboring pool.

LBC and OTV interviewed students from both political parties, with the former speaking with students of both the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement, and the latter, with just the FPM.

Both students blamed the other party for the fight and basically insinuated that their own side was not to blame. They also remarked that many females were exhibiting their work, several of whom were injured in the mob. Stated the student interviewed by OTV: "Our female students from the Faculty of Economics were hit," explaining that the fight was caused not by posters, but because they had to defend their honor.

The other student explained that there was a problem between a girl from the Lebanese Forces and another from Hezbollah, and that a man who was also with Hezbollah stepped in and hit the LF supporter. "So then as a normal reaction to what happened," he stated, "we had to interfere."

Regardless, it is evident from the video above that unnecessary physical violence was used by both parties, interrupting what could have been a repeat of a peaceful annual USJ tradition with a full-on mob attack.

Skip to 14:00 in the video below to see the LBC interview.

Skip to 23:00 in the video below to see the OTV interview.



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