"Jebebara" is a group based in Beirut, Lebanon dedicated to people who want a place to enjoy learning and playing West-African rhythms together. You will be playing music from the Mandeng region (Senegal, Guinea, Mali) with a particular emphasis on Guinea.

'Jebebara' is a word that comes from the Bamana people of Mali which translates roughly to "unity drum" or "drum of ceremony". The meaning or significance of this expression as explained by one of my first teachers (Master Abdoulaye Diakite) is that the drum is what brings people together but it is there for everyone.

Without the community the music does not happen - without the cause for celebration and the dancers the rhythm is meaningless. It was in this way that he expressed that the root of the djembe was a celebration of unity. Not ego, competition or division. It is with that spirit that you are invited to come and join us in learning this truly rich musical tradition.


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