Ever since the execution of Lebanon's smoking policy, smokers everywhere have been at a loss about where to throw away their cigarettes. Ashtrays aren't everywhere, yet cigarette butts don't belong on the floor.

Here to propose a solution is the environmentally aware campaign, Urbin-Beirut (a clever play on Your-Bin and Urban). Providing hanging wall fixtures that act as trash receptacles for used cigarettes, Urbin makes sure that outside smokers no longer have an excuse to litter.

With their first trendy installment already hanging and active at Treesome in Gemmayzeh, Urbin hopes to set up many more economic posts in the coming months. Simple, creative, and actually pretty cool looking, Urbin looks like it'll be everywhere in no time. And we're pretty cool with that.

Environmentally Friendly Urbin Hits the Streets of Gemmayzeh

(Photo via Urbin-Beirut)



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