In Lebanon, everyone is considered a fashionista.

Yet there are few people who are deemed fashionable enough to amass thousands (6283 to be exact) of followers on instagram. So meet Dania Ghannoum, the genius behind Lebanese Street Style. The only catch? She doesn't actually live in Lebanon.

Currently residing in Saudi Arabia, Ghannoum has loved fashion for years—but only recently started turning her hobby into a collection for others. "When we were going out my friends and I would start taking pictures of our arms and clothes, for fun", she explained.

"I was really bored one day and opened an account," she said matter-of-factly. Starting off with her own pictures, Ghannoum soon turned to her friends, gradually building up her now massive collection of 400+ photos and posting at least twice per day. "I wasn't really sure about the reaction, but all my friends in Beirut are following me," she enthused.

"I follow a few girls who are very style oriented," remarked Ghannoum, "They're flattered to have their pictures shown."

Still, Ghannoum doesn't just feature any kind of style—she explicitly sticks to "decent, not vulgar" clothing, and identifies her fashion as "Street Style"—which is the inspiration behind her account's username.

She defines street style as "comfortable, practical, stylish, and chic—but with an edge," especially emphasizing the fact that you can "stay in the same outfit all day."

When asked about her favorite brand, Ghannoum acknowledged that she doesn't really have one. "You don't really have to wear brands to look good," she explained. "You can wear whatever if you wear it decently and correctly."

Staying true to her roots, Ghannoum does like to highlight local products and Lebanese designers above all. She even designs her own abayas and hijabs, offering a personalized edge to a typically conservative style.

Check out her photos here and see for yourself why Ghannoum's fashion sense is so appreciated.

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