Looking for your very own Middle Eastern princess or prince?

Well as of May 13, you've got yourself a wingman—"Psst - I'm Into You" the self-described first ever dating app to hit the Arab scene.

Launched in Beirut by FOO, Psst has already been met with excitement from the single gals and guys of Lebanon, garnering over 5000 users in the span of a week. Basically, the app allows you to anonymously like, chat, and message people on facebook, and promises total privacy.

So if you're not lucky in love or just want to tempt fate, download the app (for free, hurrary!) now on android or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and see if you can find your special someone. It's worth a shot.

FOO Launches First Ever Dating Application in Middle East: 'Psst'

(Photo via play.google.com)



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