With sectarian clashes a common occurrence and The Daily Star reporting 29 dead amidst the repeated scuffles, it's no surprise to see people in Tripoli armed and dangerous.

As harrowing as accounts of injuries and death may be, clashes have thus far targeted adults, with the exception of this video that was published on Sunday, May 26. Titled "Tragic: Little Girl Taught to Kill in Jabal Mohsen vs. Bab Al Tebbaneh", the video shows a man teaching a little girl how to fire an AK-47 repeatedly, with the sound of gunshots resounding through the air. Instead of looking disgruntled or upset, the little girl turns and smiles proudly, looking up at the man with a huge grin.

Dozens of Syrian children have thus far been photographed or videotaped yelling rebel chants or holding weapons, yet this seems to be the first Lebanese child—since the 2006 war with Israeli—who has been shown doing the same.


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