Seen the gigantic gray castle at the Beirut Waterfront yet?

Well starting June 1, you can actually enter said castle. A new theme park catering especially to kids, KidzMondo promises children a fun learning experience like no other. One look at their website is enough to get kid or adult excited, as it offers an interactive selection of buildings to explore—including a studio, police station, fashion store, bank, airport, and bakery, among others.

Sparing no expense, KidzMondo sent out an invitation to its official opening to a lucky few in the form of a playable video kit. Screening four informative videos, the kit also includes a video manual and the promise of the presence of Nabih Berri, the President of Parliament.

With two parent lounges and restaurants and cafes, KidzMondo allows parents some chill relaxation time while their kids go crazy. Be it for special birthday parties, events, school trips, or just a day out for fun, you can be sure that KidzMondo will be this summers biggest hit in Beirut.

And really, who wouldn't want to go to a place that sends you video players for free?

KidzMondo Set to Open On June 1

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