We're all about environmentally friendly solutions.

That's why we love Deghri Messengers, the newest trend in delivery services. The concept is simple: a bike rider is dispatched to deliver a package from point A to point B, assuring fast and reliable service.

Though they're not technically as fast as cars, the bikers will be able to avoid the crazy Beirut traffic that inevitably moves at a glacial pace. Kick started by Matt Saunders, Deghri Messengers is set to launch later this year, and has already caused a stir on the interwebs, including a post by Blog Baladi who wished Saunders good luck.

Here's hoping Deghri Messengers is as fast as it name warrants, and with the traffic these days, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a successful venture after all.

Deghri Messengers Set to Provide An Eco-Friendly Bike Delivery Service

(Photo via Deghri Messengers)


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