The Marist College Champville is a private Christian institution that intends to serve the youth of Lebanon in the framework of its laws and according to the priorities set in the Educational Project.

The College is run by the Marist Brothers helped by an educational team. The College was founded in 1966 (in continuation of the College of the Sacred Heart, Jounieh, founded in 1903) and runs on a green hill in Dik el Mehdi (Metn North) on approximately 22 acres. It currently has approximately 3,200 students spread the Kindergarten through Grade.

The College prepares students to French and Lebanese baccalaureate and assures them, from the primary school, a bilingual teaching of Arabic and French which is grafted with learning English from EB 6. Along with language, science education is provided according to a program built an experimental approach in the laboratory and the use of ICT (Information and Communication Educational Technology), which can provide students with a solid grounding in all materials.

Champville Mariste College

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    Dick el Mehdi, Metn el Awsat, Metn Moyen Ehden Tel.: +9614913327
    Tel.: +9614913321


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