In headlines today, U.S Senator John McCain was caught taking a photo with a group of Syrians rebels, who were later identified as the same men who kidnapped several Lebanese last year.

The Syrian men in the Facebook picture with McCain were recognized by one of the detainee's relatives, who alleged that he knew the kidnappers because Al Jadeed had interviewed them the year before.

Angrily commenting on McCain's visit, a brother of one the detainees, Daniel Choeib, told Al Jadeed that "America is supporting democracy and human rights while supporting those terrorists who kidnapped our families for over a year now."

Reportedly, McCain's visit to Syria was abrupt; he only paused to take a quick photo at A`azaz before heading back over the photo. Delivering the message that "Hey, look, America cares enough for a photo-op!", it looks like McCain's quick pic might have done more harm than good. If in fact, it did any good to begin with.

Did US Senator John McCain Take Photo With Syrian Kidnappers?

(Photo via Al Jadeed)


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